We are
Olive Branch Counselling

We are a professional counselling therapy service who aim to provide you with a safe, secure and confidential environment in which to address any issues you may have that are causing concern, with a view to bringing about positive lasting change.

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Our Mission

To provide personalised counselling support that benefits mental well-being, whatever the circumstances.

Our Values

Our service is person-centric and ethically practiced, with our counsellors continuing to train and develop their work.

Our Aims

To increase mental health awareness and deliver our service to a greater number of people.

I was completely overwhelmed by feelings of grief, anger, guilt, lack of purpose. I was pushing away the people who were important to me in a way that I recognised as self-destructive. I was very depressed and recognised from a similar time in my life 25 years ago that I was in danger of becoming suicidal. Within 8 weeks Olive Branch had pulled me out and given me the strength to move forward into the future. My counsellor was understanding and very supportive, but also gently helped me to see what needed to change.